“Even after seeking repeated treatment from expert psychiatrists back in USA, my life remained unmanageable nevertheless. I first met Dr. Rahul Chandhok, over a year ago, laden with endless psychiatric problems ranging from Substance abuse, Anxiety/Depression to Bipolar Disorder. These ailments, then undiagnosed, were gravely affecting my functioning in personal and professional life. Over the course of treatment, which included the right medication coupled with psychotherapy, I found him to be extremely competent, compassionate, sensitive, ethical and professionally knowledgeable. Not only did he educate me and my family about the management of the disease, he helped me maintain a positive outlook all along. Today, cognizant of my past, I can safely say that I am leading a very healthy and fulfilling life. Thanks all to Dr. Chandhok. ” – Sarbjeet Singh, Delhi

“I have known Dr. Chandhok for the last 4-5 years as I have visited him for anxiety & impulse related problems. Dr. Chandhok has really helped me in overcoming this ailment with his expertise in the field of psychiatry. Trust me I’ve visited other psychiatrists too but Dr. Chandhok was the only one to understand my problem and treat it accordingly with the minimum (required) amount of medicines and counseling.” – Saurabh, Delhi “Dr. Rahul Chandhok has been my doctor for more than a year, treating me for Bipolar Disorder. During this time, I have noticed a vast improvement in my health and the way I feel overall. I would attribute this mainly to Dr. Chandhok’s astute observation, ability to grasp and identify the root cause of my problem, and a thorough knowledge of his area of expertise. He has a way of engaging his patients to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns with him in an honest and open way, which I feel is critical in his diagnosis of the patient’s condition. I would not hesitate one bit to recommend Dr. Chandhok to anyone who needs to avail of his medical expertise.” – Pooja, Gurgaon

“My mother was suffering from chronic depression since last 15 years. We met Dr. Rahul Chandhok around 9 years back when he was doing his practice at Safdarjung hospital. After being into his consultation my mother not only recovered from such a painful disease but also now her illness has been cured to 100% . Not only for her, I am thankful for the true and honest consultation/advise he managed to give me throughout my difficult time .One can understand that it is very difficult for the rest member of the family when back bone of the family is not in the position to stand up for family. He has very well proved that this branch of medicine is not only to treat confirmed mental illness but also to prevent chances to attract such illness.Stress is the out come of present hectic life routine. He taught me lots of stress management techniques and help me with consultation/medication from time to time. Now I am living a successful life both at professional and personal end.” Thanks Dr. Rahul Chandhok for your sincere efforts. – Geeta M., Delhi

“I am under treatment of Dr. Rahul Chandhok for Depression since last seven years and barring one or two issues is leading a normal life. The biggest attribute of Dr Rahul Chandhok according to me is giving fair amount of time. Listening to patient’s problem and then explaining logically to the patient is one of the key aspects of his nature and treatment. He knows when to speak in gentle voice and when to speak tough with the patient. May God provide every patient in need such a doctor. May be that is why it is said that Doctor is God to a patient in dire need.” -Jyotsna, Faridabad

I know Dr. Rahul Chandhok since last 3 yrs. I was facing problems of repeated irrational thoughts and anxiety. It was some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Dr. Rahul Chandhok treated me very well. He listens his patients very carefully & feels what mental trauma a patient is undergoing through. His medicines were really ‘RAM-BAAN’ for me at least. He is really a doctor of great caliber. One must consult him if facing such problems. – VIVEK D., FARIDABAD

Life these days is very demanding & stressful. Everyone faces pressure be it a young student or a senior professional struggling to meet targets. A stage comes when all this stress take a toll on one’s health & the most common symptom is HEADACHE. Before one really realizes it, the same increases to a level that everything starts appearing to be dark & difficult. Soon helplessness follows & eventually depression creeps in with a feeling that one is GOOD FOR NOTHING. That’s when one needs proper medical & psychological help. During such critical time in life, one can blindly trust one person I know & that’s Dr.Rahul Chandhok. He is not only a very competent doctor but a genuine human being, a friend, a guide & a patient listener. In no time, he will make you feel that all this is nothing more than a common cold & cough. With his miraculous treatment, one will be out of all the illness and as a bonus gets a great friend. That’s Dr. Rahul Chandhok. Thanks buddy, thanks a lot. – Suneel, N.Delhi

When I first approached Dr. Rahul Chandhok, I Was in Dire Straits.. I had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia . Gradually Dr. Rahul Chandhok Restored Me to a level where I could Lead a normal life- Taking Tuitions. But Later I Had to approach a different Doctor due to problems of conveyance. My situation took a turn for the worse. Finally I again approached Dr. Rahul Chandhok and my situation became better dramatically. I thank Dr. Rahul Chandhok from the bottom of my heart. – Nikhil, Saharanpur, U.P.