Psychiatry Clinic

Med Hope Clinic is the personal clinic of Dr. Rahul Chandhok located in Faridabad. It is easily accessible from all across Faridabad, South Delhi, Gurugram (Gurgaon) and Noida .
We cater to the various developmental, emotional & behavioural needs of children. Identification, effective management of common childhood Issues: Developmental disorders, behavioural issues,

Psychology Clinic

Med Hope Clinic located in Faridabad, provides comprehensive psychological and counselling services in out patients settings.
The Internet Addiction Clinic offers individualized psychiatric assessment and outpatient treatment to all age group patients having problem behaviors related to internet/online/gaming addiction.
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We offer management of psychiatric cases who are not able to come to our clinic through a review via online video consultation.

Sexual Disorders Clinic

We offer treatment for sexual disorders involving lack of desire, excessive desire, performance issues and premature ejaculation (PME).

Dr. Rahul Chandhok

Dr. Rahul Chandhok, MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), FIPS, FIAPP, is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with more than 21 years of experience. He is practicing in South Delhi, Faridabad & Gurugram (Gurgaon). He is presently working as Head (Psychiatry) in Artemis Group of Hospitals in South Delhi & Gurgaon. He is available for consultation on 5 weekdays in South Delhi, every weekday in Faridabad and on Saturday in Gurugram.

Why i choose to become a psychiatrist?

Videos explaning Psychiatric Disorders

By Dr. Rahul Chandhok


“Even after seeking repeated treatment from expert psychiatrists back in USA, my life remained unmanageable nevertheless. I first met Dr. Rahul Chandhok, over a year ago, laden with endless psychiatric problems ranging from Substance abuse, Anxiety/Depression to Bipolar Disorder. These ailments, then undiagnosed, were gravely affecting my functioning in personal and professional life. Over the course of treatment, which included the right medication coupled with psychotherapy, I found him to be extremely competent, compassionate, sensitive, ethical and professionally knowledgeable.

Sarbjeet Singh


“I am under treatment of Dr. Rahul Chandhok for Depression since last seven years and barring one or two issues is leading a normal life. The biggest attribute of Dr Rahul Chandhok according to me is giving fair amount of time. Listening to patient’s problem and then explaining logically to the patient is one of the key aspects of his nature and treatment. He knows when to speak in gentle voice and when to speak tough with the patient. May God provide every patient in need such a doctor. May be that is why it is said that Doctor is God to a patient in dire need.”

Ms Jyotsana


Acclaimed Psychiatrist Dr. Rahul Chandhok in discussion with Ms. Pallavi Sharma on various common topics of Mental Health, livestreamed every Sunday at 12 noon on Facebook Page –

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